ShiSha Rainbow


ShiSha Rainbow is the artist for avantgarde looks. She is mastering the art of makeup and costumes beyond uniqueness. Her talent to capture the entire human body as one big canvas leads her the way to inspiring, holistic artworks. At the same time ShiSha speaks open about mental health and its importance which already inspired people around the world that being vulnerable and sensitive is a gift not a burden.


ShiSha Rainbow is a professional artist from Berlin, Germany. She built up a funky studio there already in the age of 21 and produces high-end makeups and costumes on a regular base since then.

All her love goes to the full colour palette of the rainbow to create fantastic art on the human body including makeup, hair and costume pieces of all kind. As you can see in the upcoming portfolios her skills in that field have a wide range and connecting anything perfectly together, so in the end one big well-rounded artwork comes to life.

Due to that talent ShiSha is doing tutorials for the community and is also sharing her knowledge in form of workshops, panels and speeches on events, expos and conventions worldwide.

ShiSha is not the typical influencer who sells her soul for money. In fact she is deeply connected with her fans because she is not only sharing her art but also deep thoughts about being a vulnerable soul. Despite her professional work ShiSha is always trying to use her talent to make a change in the world. She is an activist for mental health awareness, feminism and body positivity and always had the opinion that they can’t be enough strong women out there. This is why she tries to use her reach for the good by being a tough but honest role model who inspires others to face the world with an open mind.

If you’re interested in gaining from her talent just get in contact and she will surely create something breathtaking for you.

And never forget: brave the gap!


Here you are able to see three different portfolios of ShiSha Rainbow. The first one is presenting her costume creations, the second one is her main profile including her well-known avantgarde makeups and the third is based on fx-makeup.


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ShiSha Rainbow



ShiSha has a lot of expertise in front of cameras and on stage. She is a pleasant and sparkly personality full of energy who encourages others with her fire and passion.


ShiSha lives in Berlin, Germany. She speaks fluent english as well as german. She owns a firearm license and is 1,75cm tall. Her trademark is her tooth gap and her loud coloured hair.


"Kunst ist die Fähigkeit Dingen eine Bedeutung zu verleihen, bei dem Betrachter ein Gefühl auszulösen, sich selbst zu verewigen und neu zu erschaffen."



ShiSha can work on set as well as supervise the whole makeup department. She is used to create makeup charts which give you the opportunity to know exactly what you will get before she even started.


ShiSha is offering different kinds of workshops for any makeup and wig making related topics. The target group of her workshops can be anyone, from beginners to professionals. Just tell her what you would like to have.


ShiSha is able to involve your products in one of her artworks to give you a high quality space of advertisement. She knows exactly how good brand awareness works and what it takes to create the perfect look and targeting.


ShiSha can enhance your expo by being a part of it in her professional field. If you are looking for an authentic and neutral character to complete your crew, she can definitely bring your contest to life.


ShiSha's is an activist in different important social topics. Therefore speeches and Q&As are a great way to spread awareness and inspire others to face the world more open minded. Let's be a gamechanger!


ShiSha is a natural in front of cameras which makes her the perfect moderator if you searching for someone that gives your show a recognition value. She is also used to work as an artistic expert for TV productions.