Do you have an adress? 
Atelier Rainbow
Lüderitzstraße 18
13351 Berlin

Do you have an email adress?
mail [at]
commission [at]

How is your real name?
Please respect that I only want to be called with my real name by friends and relatives. It's not like I want to make a big secret out of it but I don't mention my real name in the media.

Why are your privat spaces always retouched in your nudearts? 
The naked human body is the naturalness of our existence and I use this regularly so it suits to my concepts. Due to the fact that my style is very fantastic garments it would often counteract with the statement of my work. That's why I often opt for the nudes. I always do this without trying to bring in a sexual or erotic factor. I decided to retouch it since I started to create my artworks because I want to prevent the sexualisation and prefer to lead the look more to the statements which is the most important part of my work. 

What do you exactly do for your artworks? 
I'm like a director of a film. I'm doing the whole staging. At first comes the concept, the most texts are written by itself in a calm moment and after that follows the realization. Unless I'm not working together with other artists I sew the self designed costumes by my own hands, doing the makeup and create the wig, as well as all necessary props and accessoires. In the most works I'm the model by myself. Basically I'm doing everything on my own except the photo. I love the staging but to catch it in the glimpse is the work of an other.

How should I see you, are you a model? 
I don't like the most of this terms. I don't fit into them, I never did. I'm doing so much things. Meanwhile, I call myself a free artist due to the fact this word leave me all doors open and this is exactly what I need to let myself grow even more. 

Do you still do cosplay? 
No. As well as I don't want to be called "Cosplayer" anymore. I'm an artist. That's it at all.

Why you don't cosplay anymore? 
I can not identify myself with it anymore, my artistic being is striving for more and this is the reason why I end it up in 2014. I devote myself to my own works which are rise from my soul. Cosplay was something I'd really loved as a hobby but if I'm honest, in the end it was the community that destroyed any fun of it at all, so it hadn't any sense to carry on doing it anymore. May, one day I'll do a character costume again just for myself and because of fun, but yeha, I really don't know.

Where do you buy your costumes? 
I'm making them by myself as long as I'm not working with other designers together.

Do you still go to conventions? 
Not really often and if yes as an exhibitor who is giving workshops. It's really rar that I wear any costumes.




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