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"Art is my life, 
My life is what I am,
I am art."
(2013, ShiSha Rainbow)


I am ShiSha Rainbow with a civilian name that people regularly don’t believe is true, born 19 something in Berlin. I am a self-taught artist with an atelier in my hometown. I am eager to see with clear eyes and a pure heart and more importantly to experience the world with an open mind. Free thinker from the very beginning, I am not religious but I do believe in me and in the universe. And in karma. I am brought up as alternative theorist and grew up under esoteric influences. Honesty and responsibility are my greatest virtues and don’t always make happy but free, especially free from guilt and regret. Contrary to people’s assumptions I am unfortunately not vegan, I am however straight edge. I don’t even touch caffeine but cannot give up on salmon sushi. I love and live for the love and my biggest one is art.


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